Learn to Trade Stocks Online

Welcome to the Learn to Trade Stocks section! We have designed this section to help you begin learning how to trade, from entering your very first stock trade and signing up with a brokerage. Then, from there we take you through the process of learning how use moving averageschart patterns and other technical indicators to plan your stock trades.

Please use the navigation below to browse through the different stock trading tutorials.

  1. Stock Market Basics
    1. What is the Stock Market?
    2. Major US Stock Exchanges
    3. Buying Stocks
  2. Stock Trading
    1. Stock Market Order Types
    2. Reading Stock Quotes
    3. Level II Quotes
    4. Market Makers
  3. Moving Averages
    1. Intro to Moving Averages
    2. Simple Moving Averages
    3. Exponential Moving Averages
    4. SMA vs. EMA
  4. Technical Indicators
    1. Intro to Technical Indicators
    2. Bollinger Bands
    3. MACD
    4. Stochastics
    5. Relative Strength Indicator
    6. More Technical Indicators
  5. Chart Patterns
    1. What are Chart Patterns?
    2. Symmetrical Triangles
    3. Ascending Triangles
    4. Descending Triangles
    5. Double Top
    6. Double Bottom
    7. Head and Shoulders
    8. Reverse Head and Shoulders

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